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Here at Cala Llenya Resort Ibiza, in line with the protocols and recommendations from the competent authorities, we have taken a series of measures to minimise the risk of infection for all our guests, staff and partners:

A risk management team and a contingency plan will be created to ensure compliance with internal protocols and the standards laid down by the health authorities.

Guests and staff will have to follow new hygiene rules and recommendations, which will be displayed on new signs or internal information channels.

Protocols and products will be adapted to the standards laid down by the health authorities in order to minimise risks.

Hand sanitiser stations will be placed in different areas of the hotel facilities.

Special attention will be paid to disinfecting contact points and increasing the frequency of cleaning shared spaces.

Rooms will always be cleaned in the absence of guests by housekeeping staff using the personal protective equipment defined in the protocol.

Textiles will be washed at temperatures and with products that minimise risks.

Capacity will be limited in areas shared by guests and staff in order to respect social distancing.

Specific protocols will be created for each position in order to minimise risks.

Staff in contact with guests or with food and drinks will use the personal protective equipment defined in the guidelines or protocols laid down by the health authorities.

Measures will be taken to ensure frequent hand washing with additional signage in public bathrooms, while hand sanitiser dispensers will be placed at the entrance to the restaurant.

Hand sanitiser stations will be placed in the restaurant around the buffet area and at the entrance/exit to outdoor terraces (where applicable).

Guest information signs will be installed to describe the hygiene measures adopted. These will be placed mainly at reception and in areas with staff-guest interaction, underlining that the measures are for everybody's safety.

Staff will receive extra training in the action protocol for each department.

All suppliers must strictly comply with the protocols laid down by Cala Llenya Resort Ibiza and by the health authorities.


In these times of changes to how we travel and interact, we would like to underline our commitment to the safety and well-being of guests and staff at Cala Llenya Resort Ibiza.

We hope to convey the utmost peace of mind so that you can enjoy your holiday with us.